Anniversary Luncheon


Interest in being part of a "hat group" based on hats of all colors and Ladies of all ages started to build in March 2001 through word of mouth, a few public activities, and favorable publicity in Charleston newspapers. By the middle of that summer, there were over 100 Ladies ready to toss their hat into this "unknown" ring. 

These Ladies were invited to a Luncheon, purposely scheduled after Labor Day to avoid conflicts with summer vacations.  The date "pulled out of a hat" was Monday, September 10, 2001.  48 Ladies who did not know one another came together because of their love of hats.  No one could have ever imagined our world would change forever the very next day on 9-1-1.

But it also changed for each of us.  15 years later we are no longer a room full of strangers united by a common passion for fashion and compassion through hats and volunteerism.  We are hatsisters.  We are family.

Enjoy our annual celebration of our country and of The Hat Ladies!

The Wyndham Mills House

We arrive!

We mingle!

We enter the Dining Room!

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