The best way to grow older is to pay as little attention to it as possible and have the best friends helping you to ignore (and celebrate) it! Added joy comes from having them enjoy it as much as I do.

The theme of this year's "semi-surprise party" * was "My Fair Lady" in honor of the fact that for NEXT year's 70th birthday I am going down my short bucket list and heading to The Royal Ascot in London, England.

*It is a "semi surprise party" because I know there is going to BE a party, but I do not know where it is or what is its theme. I am blindfolded, put into the costume for the Event, then driven to the surprise location.

Best of all, the fun I have is shared by everyone!

John photo shopped my head onto Audrey's body ahead of time and had this poster waiting in the Hotel Lobby...

but some thought it MIGHT be me....thanks to the Book From Fat to Skinny....

Next up:  Birthday #70!!!!!!!!!

My blindfold comes off, and I find myself in the Lobby of our favorite Hotel, Charleston Belmond,  being led down the receiving line of hatsisters with mastermind, Jackie

I reach the poster of my idol, Audrey, lovingly arranged by husband, John




The rest of the conspirators: Octavia, Nancy, Rosie, Pat



Party favors by Nancy, with black and white stripped ribbons to match my dress

Time for THE Race

Here we ARE!


"Move your bloomin arss....!"

Time to cut the cake....



With a special kiss for MY Fair Lady, Sister Jackie

Archie, Top Hat