It's also just a breakfast menu since the day ends @1:00

Tent decorations and the quantity of food is far less than at The Festival in May

And racing back to the finish line

The route is also shorter and simpler, both heading out to the starting line

Mingling before race time

Last minute strategies for the Strokes

Coming up: A very special surprise for a very special Hat Dragon

Mimi and Cheryl


 JJ is ready to pay it forward

She hands it off to Sally who personifies bravery, strength, and positivity


JJ won this quilt made from t-shirts worn by teams participating in a Festival a few years ago. The Hat Dragons' t-shirt is the tuxedo worn by one side of  our boat, while the other side wore a formal

Getting ready to marshal, but Hat Dragons, it's cold outside


Our two Sallys

Liz, Barb, Carla

Lisa and Juanita

Senoritas Marcela and Nancy

Cheryl and Jane

Mimi and Norma Lynn

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