Carolyn and Archie at Habitat Gala Fundraiser

Fall '08

Some of us hard Hat Ladies returned for the house dedication. We had fun revisiting the rooms we worked so hard to ready for occupancy.  We were also deeply honored to find our picture was on the cover of the Program.

Carolyn, Mimi, Homeowner Unita, Pat, Archie

Carolyn, Mimi, Pat, Archie

Carolyn, Mimi, Pat, Archie

Archie, Mimi, Pat, Carolyn

The photos from our two Saturdays working on the house


Liz, Nancy



Carolyn...oops, point tHAT thing somewhere else

tHAT's better!


Liz, Carolyn


Smile, Marlene!

Marlene, Nancy

Marlene, Nancy

Archie better watch tHAT Carolyn!



Nancy, Carolyn

Nancy, Pat

Nancy, Liz

Carolyn plays "Kick The Hat Lady," while Nancy and Pat are at work

Carolyn decides to kick the bucket instead and leave Marlene alone!

Pat, Marlene, Carolyn


Nancy hard at work

Nancy fast asleep...only kidding!

Carolyn, Nancy, Liz, Archie, Pat, Marlene

Marlene, Archie, Nancy, Carolyn, Liz, Pat

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