When the friend of a Hat Lady and her loving Hat Husband needs us to be part of a fundraiser for his Church, we're there with bells and hats on!

Lining up "back stage:" Marlene, Nancy, Susie, Linda, Eileen

Jackie, Nitsa, Carolyn, Chelsea, Pat, Archie

Marlene, Nancy, Susie, Linda, Eileen, Jackie, Nitsa, Carolyn, Chelsea, Pat

In the Sanctuary: Archie, member of Congregation, Jackie, Susie, Carolyn, Pat, Linda, Chelsea, Eileen

At the Reception following: Jennie, Cherry

Nitsa, Jennie, Cherry


Having our picture taken MANY times as we ate at Rue de Jean afterwards

This young lady from Miami was the only one who sent us a copy

We received a beautiful THANK YOU note from Pastor Jaques Sr. and members of Friendship Missionary Baptist Church which said,

"God's Blessings to The Charleston Hat Ladies."

Hats Around Town