The Hat Ladies hit the "Hatwalk"at the first Southern Women's Show...and were a BIG hit!

Last year, Stacy Abernathy, Executive Show Manager, wrote, "We loved your Hatitude Fashion Show!...Your ladies were great fun.  Hope you are willing to be of the festivities again next year." 

Well, we WERE willing, and she scheduled us for both Saturday and Sunday. 

Her response this time: "You did it again!  Your shows were my favorite thing at the show again this year!  Thank you for all that you did to make them fun and inspirational.  I wish that we could take your gals on tour with us!"  She also used OUR picture in her follow up newsletter praising "the fantastic fashion shows."  Moreover, DJ Johnny wrote and said, "You guys nailed it!  It really was the best show of the week!"

Best of all was the enthusiasm generated by The Hat Ladies themselves leading up to (then following) the Show: 

  "Can't wait to have fun with the amazing Hat Ladies doing the Show again!!!"

  "So happy to be part of another spectacular Hat Ladies' production."

 "It's going to be a great success not to mention fun-fun-fun."

"Can't wait to have fun with the amazing Hat Ladies doing the Show again!!!"

"So happy to be a part of another spectacular Hat Ladies production"


MC Archie gives last minute instructions to the models..

...and to Jakae, who will help with Hat Wearing 101 and "crowd control."

Stagehand Maggie will help the models up the stairs

Stagehand Maureen will help them down the stairs

Everyone gets into position quickly for the opening number.



Everyone lines up for the first walk down the runway, with Maggie's help

MC Archie is ready to announce and describe each model

Maureen is in a position and in position to help the models once they finish their walk



Time to rehearse two "half-time" numbers:

Marlene will read a poem about hats,

Archie will teach reluctant hat wearers Susie, Jackie, and Kimberly "Hat Wearing 101"

It is obvious from their "Hatitude," each of them has learned her lesson well.

Fashion Show pg. 2