Garrett Academy

There are few words to adequately describe the win-win relationship The Hat Ladies have had with Garrett Academy the past 18 years.  What began as a coincidence between The Top Hat (whose background was Education) and one of the original Hat Ladies (who was the School to Work Coordinator at Garrett) evolved into our Ladies using the expertise of numerous Technology Departments, 17 Senior girls who personified our ideals receiving a total of $8500.00 in scholarship, and yearly Luncheons put on by their 5 star Culinary Department. 

This year's Luncheon was bittersweet...not the food, but the fact it is our last one.  Garrett is closing at the end of this school year. It is not just the graduates who have fond memories of Garrett. It is not just the graduates who have fond memories of Garrett.

The words of one hatsister speak for us all:  "So glad I was able to make it to this last Garrett Luncheon!  It was a lovely time, and the food was excellent.  It was so nice to be able to meet the students and hear a little bit about them.  On the other hand, it is sad because the Scholarship Program will end.  We can look back on all the years we were able to help so many students and feel good about that!"

(Not pictured:  The terrific she crab soup and lemon merangue pie)

Everyone arrives on time

We wouldn't want to get a detention!

Purple was DEFINITELY the color of the day, as will be seen in other photos, too

The underlying solemnity of the afternoon is reflected in Archie's face

But we will still have a wonderful time and find smiles for the camera(s)

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