The Hat Ladies Monetary Award

The Hat Ladies are supportive of all worthwhile non-controversial, non-political causes and assist in their fund raising efforts.  There is one cause, however, that is their unique creation: The Hat Ladies Monetary Award. 

This Award was established to honor a graduating senior girl who personifies the ideals of The Hat Ladies: she has concern for her appearance; she is described as "fun;" she relates to people of all ages and backgrounds; she has a significant history of volunteerism.

Recipients 2018: For the first time, we selected 2 winners, who also happened to be besr friends, thrilled for one another

Our Committee shares their joy: Jackie, Ruth, Kenia, Zariya, Marlene, Archie


Aneyah and Archie 2017

 Archie, Jackie, Imane, Ruth, Marlene 2016

Natashia and Archie at 2014 Awards Program

Lis, Kimberly, Archie at 2013 Awards Program

2013 Scholarship Committee that day of selection:

Ruth, Jackie, Kimberly, Archie

2012 Scholarship Committee that day of selection:

Marlene, Ruth, Taylor, Archie, Jackie

Awards Night: Left to right: Teachers (who happen to be Hat Ladies): Margaret, Helen, Liz; Recipient Jalonna, Top Hat Archie, Jalonna's Grandmother and brother

Selection Committee: Jackie, Ruth, 2011 Recipient Jalonna, Archie, Marlene


Liz, Chelsea (2010 recipient), Helen, Archie (not pictured: Jackie, Nitsa, Ruth)

Archie, Evon (2009 recipient), Liz (not pictured: Ruth)

Archie, Mama, Kierra 2008 recipient, Nitsa, Liz, Grandmama (not pictured: Hazel)

Archie, Dora (Finalist), Rosa (Recipient), Liz 2007

Liz surprised and honored Archie for establishing The Award


Liz, Archie, Jalisa. our 2006 Recipient

Jalisa with a favorite teacher

Archie, Margie, Liz, with 2005 Recipient

Margie, Nitsa, Liz, Archie, with 2004 Recipient

Margie, Nitsa, Archie, Liz, with 2003 Recipients

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