October 2017

This house will always be remembered for the paint, SPLATTERED on the floor of every room (and bathroom) in the house except for the kitchen.  We all got to work and worked a miracle.  Virtually EVERY spot was removed, and there was still time to make the rest of the house sparkle.

Our efforts were all the more amazing since we had a smaller Krewe because we had to work on a weekday...effectively eliminating those who have full time jobs.

Susan starts on those paint splatters with screwdriver and fingernails

Mimi quickly joins her

Pat gets to work on the closet

...and living room floor

Carolyn works on the entrance to the second bedroom

Pat is now in the closet of the second bedroom

Teri works those spots, too...

...then grabs the vacuum cleaner to pick up the "pieces"

Meanwhile, Pat is working her magic at the windows...

...with her special "Bright Idea" formula with its Hat Ladies' label

NObody does windows better than our gal, Pat


And NObodies do bathrooms better than our gals Carolyn

And Mimi (and Cheryl, who had to work at a "real" job this day)

Rub a dub dub, 2 Hat Ladies in a tub

Meanwhile, Archie climbs to new heights to make the inside of the cabinets just right!

Carolyn and Pat jump in to lend a hand to Mimi...

...who had never seen a messier caulking job...must have been done by the ones who painted!

Mimi and Susan take "time out" to pose with the Mother of the future homeowner

Teri, Pat, Archie, and Pat want their picture taken with her, too

Mimi and Pat join Pat for a breath of fresh air

They're joined by Supervisor John

The Hard Hatted, Soft Hearted Hat Ladies:

Carolyn, Pat, Archie, Mimi, Susan, Pat, Teri

Teri, Mimi, and Pat continue the tradition of margaritas and Mexican following work,

while the rest of us go onto other projects

March 2017