If you are a curiosity seeker, ghost walk lover, and/or monster hunter, this Tour is for YOU!..Just as it recently was for a group of The Hat Ladies

We joined Hat Lady Andrea St Amand as she took us on a walking cultural tour grounded in real people, real beliefs and real events, all giving rise to spectacular legends and superstitions. This Tour is based on works of literature, extensive archival research, and numerous interviews. 

We strolled through Charleston's magical alleyways and narrow cobbled streets. Heard strange true stories of conjure and the macabre, witch trials and local voodoo. Visited the very spots where a mermaid was held captive, where a spirit once whispered orders into a holy man's ear, and where our own Doctor to the Dead lived and practiced a most peculiar form of medicine.

Andrea tells wild stories of Charleston's eccentrics by day, gives ghost tours nightly, has a degree in literature from the College of Charleston and a law degree from the University of Chicago. She recently braved several weeks with howling wolves in the Carpathian Mountains of Romania tracing the footsteps of Dracula and Vlad the Impaler.

Tour leaves from Waterfront Park at 2:00 (and end at 3:30)  For more details go to Facebook.com/charlestonhaintsandhoodoo


Andrea's tour was fascinating!  You could tell she had done a great deal of research on the area we saw.  The walking tour taught us about Lady Pirates, a vampire's residence, a mermaid held captive, and a graveyard tale. But, my favorite part was standing on the wishing well and hearing my voice echo....and of course, I got to make a wish!  I would recommend everyone to take this interesting, yet macabre tour with Andrea.  She was delightful. We hope to go on another one of Andrea's tours and get to hear more about our Holy City that we did not know about.  Susie and Bubber


I love being a tourist in my own town.  Although, I believed I already knew all of Charleston's folklore stories, I took Andrea St. Amand's "Haints and HooDoo" tour and found out I didn't.  With old Charleston's narrow streets, alleys and buildings some over two hundred years old as her background, Andrea's easy manner and enticing delivery soon wove us into her web of mysterious and eerie happenings.  Stories of events that happened on the very ground that we were standing on. Walking back after the tour ended, I still held the mood of the strange events. I felt compelled to look back to see if any  Boohags were following .  About those Boohags, I'm sorry I can't say...it's a tour secret.  Jackie


Loved her personality and knowledge and passion!  Loved learning more about the beautiful city we live in and will definitely recommend her!! Kathleen


The tour was so much fun.  A combination of great history, some boo hag information and a bit of architecture even!  All done with the greatest enthusiasm and sincerity with our lovely guide Andrea!  What a fun afternoon, with the beautiful Charleston sun shining through the trees!  Mimi


I have lived here 39 years and have taken many tours in Charleston.  I must say that Andrea's was one of the best!  She showed her enthusiasm and knowledge in every tale  Andrea made the stories come to life as she told each one!  You felt as if you were there to experience the scary occurrences!  I should surely take another one of her tours!  Patti


Thank you for setting up this tour.  Andrea was both an educational and entertaining guide.  Her thorough reserach helped to make history and legend come alive for our group.  I've posted her photo to my Instagram account in hopes of spreading the word for her.  Deana


You "Haint" seen nothin' yet, if those "hoo think they know "doo" know all about the ghosts and lore of Charleston don't take this latest and greatest spirited Tour.  Thoroughly reserached and eloquently delivered, walk our Holy streets with Andrea and be transported to a world you THOUGHT was past.  Archie

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