Their clientele will start to form its own line


Once there is a hat on your head, you're ready for pictures!

And that includes taking OUR pictures!

And taking pictures WITH us!


The Hat Day of FUN has spread the message of fashion and protection.

As the last hatpy customers leave the Square, with a Bollman hat on their head and a smile on their face

Top Row:  Rep. from MUSC, Maureen, Deana, Gail, Rosalind, Kathleen, Anne, Pat, Regina, Susan

Bottom Row:  Carolyn, Jackie, Archie, Monica, Pat, Mason

"What beautiful photos! As always, your husband did a great job capturing the spirit of the event. Thanks a again for including us on such a wonderful and worthwhile cause! I had a great time and really enjoyed getting to know a few more of the amazing Hat Ladies. Iíll mark my calendar now for next year!"  Monica, the Head of the  Melanoma & Sarcoma Dept.

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