Silent Walk for 9-1-1

This year marked the 3rd in which Firefighters walked from one side of the Ravenel Bridge to the other and back again to honor those heroes who never came home the morning of 9/11/2001. The participants are dressed in full gear and carry the name of one of the fallen heroes who they represent. 

The Hat Ladies and The Hat Dragons were honored to be at the Mt. Pleasant end of the bridge serving water to the participants.  We are dressed in patriotic red, white, and blue.

We were thrilled to find the following post on Facebook from the Tian Griffith, a key organizer of the Event:

"Thank You Soooooooo Very Much to MRS. Archie Burkel & The Hat Ladies and Dragons....I look forward to working with you next year!!!!!!!" we do with him!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Waiting for them to arrive:  Julie, Pat, Mimi, and Mimi

Renee and Gail

Kathy and Jacqueline

Archie and Amy

The water and Gatorade are ready, and we are, too.  Pat and Mimi

Gail, Kathleen, Pam, and Sharon

The first arrival...

...gets our full attention

This flag has the names of all the fallen


Kathleen, Pat, Mim, Captain of NCharleston Fire Department, Gail, Archie

We not only set up; we CLEAN up!


Archie has extra time to join the Walk...

...and runs into the nicest people

Hats Around Town