Second Sunday

The second Sunday of every month, the magnificent mile of Charleston known as King Street is closed to vehicular traffic.  For four glorious hours, pedestrians stroll its thoroughfare, shopping, eating, and greeting one another.

There is no minimizing how much fun we pull out of our hats.  By the end of the afternoon, our faces hurt from smiling at the quantity and quality of compliments received and photos taken.  We need a bigger hat size

The Southern charm of hats IS what people expect to see in Charleston.

We started with a picture of us...but we soon had folks joining in.  But the most fun became "shooting" the gaggle of photographers "shooting" us.  Once one started, a group jwould form!

Archie, Nitsa, Nancy, Susie


Eileen and Jackie

Floyd and Eileen

No Second Sunday is complete without Jackie doing the Charleston...let alone passing it on to the next generation!

Hats Around Town