The Hat Ladies on the Go!

Have hats & T-Shirts will travel!  Join The Hat Ladies as they circle the globe in search of the perfect landmark for their photo op.

Jayne at her summer home in Michigan

Joan and Archie in Machu Picchu

Archie kayaking on The Amazon(a)

Carolyn, Nitsa, Betsy, Kimberly, Nancy in Greece

Corinne in Akureyi, Iceland

Liz and Lorna ready to take a trip on the Rio Grande in Jamaica while working on The Shelton Project, a humanitarian Project spearheaded by Lorna.

Liz, still in "uniform," the next day



Bubber and Susie in Berlin

Regina at the Dead Sea in Israel

Carolyn in Volendam clog factory in the Amsterdam country side. Gotta LOVE the hat!

Carolyn in a cute little chocolate and coffee shop (and lamp) in Prague

Nancy, Teri, Susie, Archie at The Royal Ascot. More pictures found in Table of Contents

Archie, Pablo Picasso, Joan in Malaga, Spain

Joan, Susie, Archie at Hat Shop in London

Archie and Joan at Hat Shop in Lisbon

Carolyn and iguana on Isabela Island. in the Galápagos Islands.

Joan in Barbados

Joan in France

Liz with Hat Ladies t-shirt and hat...

Yes, that's an airplane she's standing under

Going somewhere few of us hatted Ladies have gone before

Liz at Machu Picchu, Peru

Joan and Archie next to the world famous fountains of Peterhof Palace, known as the Versailles of Russia, in St. Petersburg, Russia.  To view all the rest of the photos of their Grand European Tour click HERE


Karen in Dominican Republic doing her humanitarian work, 2015

Karen in Dominican Republic doing her humanitarian work, 2014

Cathie in Italy

Joan in Kruger Park, South Africa

Renee in balmy Antarctica (wonder why she's not WEARING it???).  It soon WAS warm enough! In fact, it became warmer than it was in Charleston! Go figure.


Hat Ladies on the Go pg. 1a