Healthy Lifestyle Network/Shelton Project Tea Party

Healthy Lifestyle Network is a non-profit organization supported by seven pillars:
Environment, Health & Wellness, Education, Childhood Sexual Abuse Awareness, Vocational Training, Entrepreneurship and Cultural Arts.

Two Programs are in Charleston:

a) Youth an Adult Healthy Lifestyle Jamboree - May 20
b) Community Health Day-Diabetes Conference - November 4.

Three programs are in Jamaica under the Shelton Project umbrella
c) Youth Four Prong Program - conducted in 10 Infant and Basic Schools
d) Summer Camp - 4 years old to 12 years
e) LifeChance Program - teens and adult women

In the summer of 2017 they will launch a campaign on Awareness and Prevention of Childhood Sexual Abuse. 
a) conference for girls
b) workshop for adults
Healthy Lifestyle Network, Inc. holds an annual fundraiser, the Pre-Valentine's Tea Party. All funds raised are spent on program supplies. They do not have a staff so the work of operating this agency is done on a volunteer basis. Volunteers for the Shelton Project in Jamaica pay their own fare. The Hat Ladies are delighted to attend, not only because the cause is so worthwhile; the Coordinator, Lorna Beck, is a hatsister!

Lorna Beck in the middle, surrounded by Board members

Lorna's husband, Timothy, Top Chef extraordinaire of the afternoon.  He is flanked by the new President of the Board of HLN and the Guest Speaker.

Linda and Susie who are responsible for our elegant, award winning, table

which honored the Downton Abbey theme


Susie and Jackie

Rosalind and Nancy

Gail and Linda

Anne and Liz

Archie is introduced as the Judge of the Hat Contest

One by one The Hat Ladies step forward to tell the story behind their hat (Jackie)

Wherever possible, it follows the Downton Abbey fashion (Anne)


Rosalind (with another hat from her Aunt's collection)

Stylish Susie

While Gail takes home the prize

Everyone chips in to clean and pack up

And takes the cake (a piece of) which was the prize for our winning table...and equally winning afternoon

"FEEDback" from hatsisters in attendance:

It was a  lovely gathering both people and food.  Our elegant table setting made us feel we were dining at the table of Downton Abbey.

The tea was lovely!  I had a wonderful time and enjoyed talking to a couple of ladies whose names I hope I remember.  Lorna's husband outdid himself.

I enjoyed the tea yesterday the food was delicious, I enjoyed getting to know a little better the members who were there and it was for a very worthwhile cause!  

It was a beautiful affair for a good cause. I had a great time with my sisters. The table was BEAUTIFUL.

Hats Around Town