Enjoy photos from a few places we've been lately...  

Susie, the Hat Queen, being escorted around the course in her winning hat

Her husband, Bubber, wearing the new hat he got as a result of her winning





Designer Show House: Kimberly, Regina

Gail, Maureen

Archie, Norma

Maggie, Jayne

Jackie, Corinne

Gail, Maureen, Archie, Norma/Jayne, Maggie, Corinne, Jackie, Regina, Kimberly

Jackie, Gail, Kimberly, Regina, Norma, Corinne (shopping)

Corinne, Chuma, Maureen (BUYING)

Bambi, anonymous Hat Lady, and Archie on Artwalk, celebrating how they met so long ago

Archie and Jackie with their purchases from The Upper King Street Walk

Archie, John, and Jackie at The Veterans Day Parade (taken by a passer by, since we looked so patriotic)

Archie, Maggie, Carolyn in Georgetown for the second meeting for The Hat Festival

Liz and Archie at Trident Literacy Graduation Program


Doris, Eileen, Archie, Val in front of St. John the Baptist, following Robert Taylor Music Group performance

Top Chef taping

Top Chef taping


Top Chef taping


Top Chef taping


Archie on the Red Carpet at Fashion Week 2016

Renee and Archie on the Red Carpet at Fashion Week 2016

Archie and Mary Caroline, helping at The Charleston Pops


Carolyn, Jackie, Archie, Nitsa perform their Patriotic Program for The Retired Teachers Association

Archie, Kathy, Jennie at the "Thanks, Joe (Reilly) celebration at "The Joe!"  Not pictured:  Barbara

We can't help but notice Bill Murray...and he, US!

Marlene, Cheery, Linda, and Carlyle at "Women Go Red," part of "The Women's Resource Program," coordinated by Cherry

Jennie at Breast Cancer Awareness Program at her Church

Aunt Cinny, Jennie, Pat, Cherry

Jennie, Gail, Granddaughter

This photo, taken at Hat Day in the Sun, was selected by Douglas Carr Cunningham and Iveta Butler of Cunning Fox Photo Ed as part of their Exhibit, "Welcome to Charleston: One City, One Soul."

Karen, Maureen, Archie attended the Opening Reception of The Exhibit



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