Preservation Progress

December 2004

Spring Party Salutes Society Volunteers: 

Photo shows: "Volunteer 'Hat Ladies' (l-r): Anne Alster, Marlene Massa, Martha Gomez, Pat Britt, Mary Goddard, Archie Burkel, and Joyce Gump"..."when the Preservation Society of Charleston acknowledged their many wonderful volunteers with a festive waterfront party at the city's Maritime Center."

deep DISH

November 2004

(My letter to the Editor):

Hey Annabelle!  Thanks for a most fascinating magazine and the opportunity to "let (you) know wAHT (I) think."  I think you'll enjoy logging onto The Hat Ladies website, www.hatladies.org and finding out about its "smart, sassy, strong, and stylist Southern women" who mix fashion with compassion as they bring back the hat!

Hats were sprinkled throughout our delightful issue; how abut placing them front and center and show the magic that has been pulled out of them?  The Hat Ladies are trying (and slowly succeeding) to set the style. Your help would be invaluable in this regard.  Continued good luck with Deep..and with tHAT darling little hat man, too! Thanks for the consideration.

Hatfully, Archie (Barbara) Burkel, President of The Hat Ladies (NOT to be confused with The Red Hats), Charleston, SC

The Commercial Appeal

October 2004

Hat Ladies head to Memphis:

Wear a hat for humanity.  The Hat Ladies, a group that lends its eye0catching presence to civic and humanitarian causes, wants to start a Memphis chapter.

Archie Burkel, founder and president of group, invites hat enthusiasts to join her for a presentation Wednesday from 2:20-4p.m. in the theater room at the Central Library.  Or women may join her Thursday from 5 to 7pm. at Grill 83 at the Madison Hotel, 79 Madison.

The group was founded three years ago in Charleston, SC., and has grown to 400 members there and in Phoenix, Chicago, and Pennsylvania.  (This is not the Red Hat Society or the Red Hat Ladies).  The Hat Ladies aid the efforts of other charitable groups.  They may serve as docents in historic homes, visit assisted living facilities, or help a charity sell calendars.  They also "Race for the Cure" as a team.

At the same time, "we get an excuse to wear our hats," said Burkel.  Burkel was recently honored by Charleston Skirt! Magazine, as one of the Top 10 Women of the Year. 

The Post and Courier

October 2004

High Style

Two photos with the following captions:  "Head Hat Lady Archie Burkel and Frieda Margolis share a laugh at The Hat Ladies annual tea party at Charleston Place."  "The Hat Ladies partook of high tea in the Lobby Lounge of Charleston Place on Oct. 2.  The guest speaker was Charleston Symphony Orchestra Conductor David Stahl.  Hats off to Sharon Henson, Linda, Youngblood, Stahl, Rose Bolchoz, and Carol Williamson.

WHERE Charleston Magazine

August 2004

The Hat Ladies are invited to attend the "Sophisticated Tables Summer '04 Party" and appear in a photo.

Skirt! Magazine

July 2004

The Hat Ladies are prominently featured in photos of the Anniversary party honoring the Ten Women of the Year.

Skirt! Magazine

June 2004

"The Time Issue"

"...thanks to loyal readers and advertisers, we're not only thriving, but in March we also launched editions in Savannah and Augusta...with a Charlotte debut (this month) and Jacksonville, Florida to come in July. Here in Charleston, we're honoring 10 Skirt! Women of the Year to celebrate our 10th birthday.  The number of nominations we received was overwhelming, and our committee had a nearly impossible task choosing just ten from among such an amazing group.  These women makes us proud of how far we've come, and committed to going even farther."

Archie Burkel is honored to be one of the Top Ten Women of the Year.  She was chosen to represent "Creativity;" "Always on the cutting edge of fashion...as colorful as a parakeet and with as much energy as a hummingbird."

Charleston Magazine

June 2004

"The Center for Women 'It's in the Bag' Purse Auction and Reception"

Photo of Archie Burkel and Judy Brown posing near Archie's creation, "Size Matters."

The Charleston Mercury

April 29, 2004

"Out and About"

Photos by Natalie Todd

There were four photos, with the following captions:  President of the Charleston Hat Ladies Archie Burkel and Marlene Massa enjoy pink lemonade at the Palmer House after the Easter Parade on April 10th.  Caroline Meyer, Patti Mortimer, Jackie Lear, and Rosie Bolchoz enjoy the view from the piazza of the Palmer House on April 10th.  Ian, Robin and McKenna Young; Jim and Sherry Remillard along with McDuff after The Hat Ladies Easter Parade on April 10th.

The Post and Courier

April 11, 2004

"The Hat Ladies head out in their Easter Finest"

By Deneshia Graham

"In your Easter bonnet, with all the frills upon it, you'll be the grandest lady in the Easter Parade..."  Jackie Lear of James Island knows all the words to Irving Berlin's song "Easter Parade," but for Saturday's third annual Easter Promenade, this Hat Lady chose flowers instead of frills.

"My hat needed a little something," she said, so she adorned the pink sailor hat with fresh-cut azaleas from her garden.  "It was sort of a spring thing to do," she said.

About 300 women, all members of The Hat Ladies, and a smattering of men and children, pranced the streets of Broad and East Bay in toppers of every shape, color, and size.  It's the annual display for members of the Charleston-based Organization whose emphasis is self-esteem and service to others. We simply strong, and we are smiling; we are waving; we are looking good," said Barbara "Archie" Burkel, who founded The Hat Ladies in 2001.

The Organization is for women of all ages and backgrounds who love to wear hats, Burkel said  The women meet twice a month, once for a luncheon and again for a "hatpy" hour.  Throughout the month, they volunteer at schools and convalescent homes and help with charitable events.

"The hat message is a very positive one," Burkel said.  "First it targets the self-esteem of the wearer.  With the hat comes dresses and jewels, which typically make women feel dressed up and pretty," she said.  "Also," she said, "the Organization brings strangers together and gives them an outlet for assistance to the community and enjoyment."

"The Hat Ladies decided to make a statement as part of The Promenade," said Kathleen Rodgers, referring to the blue ribbons women wore Saturday in observance of National Child Abuse Prevention Month. Rodgers, a Hat Lady herself, is also the Executive Director of The Exchange Club Center in North Charleston, which works to prevent child abuse.

Anice Carr of North Charleston said the Organization's monthly events and The Promenade offer stress relief. "It gives me about two hours of just not worrying abut anything," Carr said.

"...I'll be all in clover, and when they look you over, I'll be the proudest fellow in the Easter Parade..."

The Promenade was an entire household event for Murray Duffin, who donned a hat and joined his Hat Lady, Charline.  Even the couple's red standard poodle, Miss Scarlet, walked in the parade, wearing a green bonnet accentuated with red and prink frills.  "She is the hatpiest dog you've ever met in your life," Murray Duffin said.

Parade watchers also wanted in on the fun.  "I'm going to get a hat and get in the parade," said Lonnie Burris, who watched for his sister Betty Rae Holland. 

Margaret Bumgartner of John Carroll Doyle Art Gallery n Broad Street said The Promenade was written on the Gallery's calendar.  "We were happily anticipating it,' Bumgartner said.  "We really admire their spirit."

Peggy Whitaker held her granddaughter Zoe Zinser, 2, as Zoe returned a Miss America wave to those in the parade.  "She wanted to wear her hat today," said Leslie Zinser, Zoe's Mother.  The Zinsers are planning a move to London, but "the next time that we're here in Charleston at Easter, we'll do the hat parade," Zinser said.

"Oh, I could write a sonnet about your Easter bonnet, and of the girl I'm taking to the Easter Parade."

Each of the women's hats says something about their personality.  Carr opted for an all gold, wide-brimmed bonnet with a veil, and a mesh bow trimmed in sequins.  The hat said, "that I am definitely a Lady of style, and I appreciate the finer things in life," Carr said.

Burkel chose to promenade in purple and white, wearing a wide-brimmed satin-and-mesh hat with a purple dress and purple tennis shoes.  Burkel said her hat reflects the feelings of self-esteem and self-confidence all members of The Hat Ladies possess.  "It says I'm comfortable in my skin, Burkel said, "and I'm comfortable in my hat."

(Three photos accompanied the article: The first was a shot of The Promenade itself, with the caption: The Hat Ladies and their beaus promenade Saturday down Broad Street in Charleston.  The third annual Easter Promenade started at the Four Corners of Law and ended at White Point Garden."  The second captured The Ladies who needed transportation and rode in an antique bus, provided by Absolutely Charleston:   The third picture was two of our "Hat Ladies in Training."  "Genevieve Rowland and her friend Sarah Eloise Frank, both 4, are dressed up in their Easter finest as they are pulled in a wagon during the Easter Promenade.")

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Charleston Magazine, Gateway Magazine, WHERE, The Journal, and The City Paper for including The Promenade in their schedule of events for April.


March 2004

With the Charleston Hat Parade, Easter, and the Kentucky Derby on the horizon, now is the perfect time to acquire a new, stylish hat....

Easter Promenade, Saturday, April 10, Four Corners of Law, Charleston, www.hatladies.org

Post and Courier

February 14, 2004

Two Photos: "Women are vain, and they think they look better in hats---if they have any sense."  94-year-old Louisa Hagood, shown ... laughing with Archie Burkel, The Hat Ladies President. "Paying a visit to the Bishop Gadsden Retirement Community on James Island, The Hat Lades join residents and staff for a bit of dancing and other Valentine's Day fun.  The Charleston-based group was formed in 2001 and now boasts more than 500 members."

"House Calls," Magazine of Roper St. Francis Hospitals

Winter 2004

Breast Cancer Awareness Luncheon: Photo, with caption: "Also on hand to lend their support were the always colorful Hat Ladies of Charleston."

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