The Week's Best Freebies, June 17-22

It’s never too late or early to start protecting your skin. The Hat Ladies are having Hat Day in the Sun where they will give away free hats to promote hat wearing as a form of skin protection starting at noon.


Guess what the Hat Ladies are going to give away?

Charleston's Hat Ladies will be distributing free, umm, hats to men and women on June 21 -- the longest day of the year -- to promote National Hat Day in the Sun and the importance of wearing hats to protect your skin.

They'll be giving away about 350 hats of all shapes and sizes starting at noon at Marion Square near the corner of King and Calhoun streets in downtown Charleston.

"They are much more than baseball hats," says Hat Lady Archie Burkel. "In fact, I doubt there's a baseball hat among 'em."

The author of "The Joy of Hats," Burkel noted that there was a hat for every head that wants one.

"Ultimately, everyone finds one right for them." 


...Excerpt from review of The Headwear Association dinner on April 16, 2013. "There is a need for the socially connected among us to get involved with the THA and help plan a future event. Charleston was discussed as a possibility because of Archie Burkel's connections and hat-influence in that city.

A heated debate took place at the meeting over the Hats for the Homeless Event. One person said that the event does not garner enough PR for the industry, and everyone on the THA jumped to attention. "This event fosters good will and helps better people's lives. As an association we have an obligation to support communities with hats, scarves and gloves," said outgoing THA President (and former lawyer) Stephanie Carter, of Wallaroo Hats. Archie Burkel seconded that emotion. "When people walk out with hats it helps their self esteem." Todd Gardner of Dorfman Pacific agreed. "You should see how happy the children are when they get new hats and gloves."

...Hat Lady Archie Burkel of Charleston had this to say about the evening: "The Headwear Association's annual Gala is always something to look forward to. This year's event continued its unique 105th year-old tradition. The joy and self-esteem the members pull out of their hats, then pass along to hat aficionados everywhere, defined the evening. Everyone is already counting the days until the next one."


Hat Ladies' Easter Promenade

The Hat Ladies 12th annual Easter Promenade as held March 30 at the City Market.  Ladies and family members rode on 12 horse-drawn carriages provided by Olde Towne Carriage Company, wishing everyone a 'Hatpy Easter!'


Easter Weekend Events Abound for Whole Family


Charleston SC Heart Ball Art And Wine Auction

The event took place in the Crystal Ballroom of the Marriot in downtown Charleston and was magnificently hosted by the Coastal Market President of TD Bank, Dixon Woodward. Upon walking into the event amongst beautiful gowns and tidy tuxedos, you immediately noticed a select group of women. These ladies stood out for a very distinct reason, they were all wearing fancy hats. I later learned that these women are The Hat Ladies of Charleston. They are a group of women who volunteer at a multitude of events in Charleston with a fantastic motto iterated to me by their leader Archie Burkel, “fashion meets compassion.” And that motto could not be better for the Charleston Heart Ball.


Charleston Heart Ball

Post and Courier

Saturday's Charleston Heart ball marked the 16th annual Art & Wine Auction put on by the American Heart Association....

Volunteers Karen McCalpin, Jan Ledbetter, Jeanie Heath, Linda Atkinson, Archie Burkel, and Pat hood-Miller were featured in one of the photos


FreshArt Portrait Battle

Post and Courier

The Children's Museum of the Lowcountry hosted 24 area artists at its third annual Fr3shArt Portrait Battle on Friday and Saturday.

The artists brought their A-game at Friday's opening reception as they sketched,, drew and painted this year's models, the Hat Ladies of Charleston.

After the 12 head-to-head battles Friday, the competition continued on Saturday in the art room bolstered by treats from Diggity Doughnuts.

Two dozen artists battled it out for the championship, but it was Madison Smith who came out on top, with Meta Sapient and Sarah Haynes as the runners-up.  Check out more photos from the opening reception at charlestonscene.com.

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