When The Hat Ladies learned about this Project 3 years ago to help women in need, we went to our closets and found purses to donate.  Next we went to our medicine cabinet (or drugstore) to find "essentials" to put inside of them.  Our efforts were supplemented, once again, by the generosity of our good friends at

The Marriott on Lockwood and The Charleston Belmond.

The tables at our Holiday Luncheon overflowed with donations.  Some instituted collections at the place where they work.  Still others dropped them off at Tricounty Family Ministries before hand.  All in all, The Hat Ladies would be directly responsible for providing over 500 purses.

Next came the packing process.  Five hatsisters came the day of the deadline to donate to get a jump start on the overwhelming number of purses and products needing organization:  Pat, our Organizer Extraordinaire, Susie, Renee, Gail, Archie  Thus when the 20 others showed up the next morning, here is how the room looked:

Pat stands surveys the results of her expertise



Sheila is the first workerbee to arrive



Next come the 3 Musketeers: Cheryl, Pat, and Mimi

Sheila and Harriet

Pat, Susie, and Cheryl

Pat, Mimi, Pat


A group picture of the early arrivals, eager to hit those tables:

Top Tow:  Pat, Cheryl, Joan, Sheila

Botton Row: Archie, Mimi, Carolyn, Harriet, Pat

Pack the Purse Project pg. 2