Lowcountry Orphan Relief Luncheon & Gala


Mission: To provide support services and aid to meet the needs of Lowcountry children identified as at-risk suffering from abandonment, abuse, and/or neglect.

Vision: That no child should be without the necessities in life, regardless of their life circumstances.

Belief: That all children have the intrinsic value and deserve to be nurtured, loved, and protected. That they are entitled to have caring adults who help them develop to their full potential.


photos by Hat Lady Jayne


Betsy, Regina, Kimberly






wearing a hat sold by Kimberly in our Gently Used Hat Sale...reconfigured to the point she didn't recognize it at first



One Jakki/another Jackie

Susie, Kimberly, Betsy, Jakki

President of LOR



There was a charming Fashion Show starring the Children.  But it is best their photos not be included.

Use your imagination:  They tugged at both our heart strings and purse strings.

Top (left to right):  Jackie, Pat, Regina, Susie, Betsy, Jakki

Seated: Jayne, Corinne, Kimberly


These photos were taken a few years ago at a Gala for LOR with a Moulin Rouge theme:

They're so charming, they're worth keeping:

Naturally Archie, Mimi, and Jackie dress the part!


Mimi, Jackie, and Archie with our good friend, Tom Crawford of WCIV, who wrote:  You ladies always look the greatest. Such a good night for LOR. Love you all. Tom

Archie and Jackie are asked for a photograph with Shi Johnson of Elite Dance Studio and Apparel

Jackie never passes up an opportunity to dance

Archie and Jackie hold the dolls they won in the Silent Auction

Hats Around Town