Lowcountry Orphan Relief Luncheon


Mission: To provide support services and aid to meet the needs of Lowcountry children identified as at-risk suffering from abandonment, abuse, and/or neglect.

Vision: That no child should be without the necessities in life, regardless of their life circumstances.

Belief: That all children have the intrinsic value and deserve to be nurtured, loved, and protected. That they are entitled to have caring adults who help them develop to their full potential.

Checking in!



A toast to the day...and to each other!

High steppin' right up!




The Hat Contest begins:  #1 Winner, Nitsa

#2 Winner:  Mimi


Jackie makes it a clean sweep as #3 Winner



Photos with a star from a TV Show being filmed locally



Supporting the cause...

...by purchasing the table decorations

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Hats Around Town