March 2017

You ladies are ROCKSTARS!!  Thanks for continually coming through for us.  Gratefully, Nancy (the Volunteer Coordinator)

Karen, Jeremy (head of Chas. Habitat), and Archie at dedication of house



Waiver and instruction time


Susie loves those floors

While Nancy and Kathy...

...tackle the kitchen

Kimberly and Maggie...

...on the windows (with Pat supervising)

The dynamic duo of Mimi and Cheryl...

....can be found in the shower....



Pat instructs Carolyn

While Kathy lends a hand to Nancy

Susie's found another floor to shine

Kathy loads up on supplies

Kimberly in La La Land

Kimberly wakes with a smile

We embrace the homeowner

We pause for a photo with her

A little sprinkle by Kathy

A conference between Carolyn and John

Maggie does the porch

Kimberly's the last one out

Kimberly, Mimi, Archie, Cheryl, Pat, Kathy, Susie, Maggie, Nancy, Carolyn

Homeowner and daughter

The Krewe's all here...

Nancy and Mimi

Pat and Cheryl

Kimberly and Kathy

Maggie and Archie...

...wasting away in Margaritaville...

February 2017