Monthly Luncheon

Jasmine Porch at The Sanctuary

Back by popular demand, we traveled down the moss covered backroads to Kiawah Island and entered the elegance of the Sanctuary Resort.  There we were greeted like long lost friends.  We drove home feeling as if we had been on a mini-vacation.  We were!

Reflections on the afternoon:

Thank you, with all my heart, for the wonderful Luncheon at The Sanctuary!  It was the best turnout I ever remember.  The food was exceptional   The salmon was superb.  Service was excellent.

It was WONDERFUL to be back at the Jasmine Porch! It was a truly missed destination and we can't help but to have added to the beauty of the place :)  Love seeing my hatsisters. Thanks, as always, for organizing!

Saturday was such fun.  Looking around the table at lunch, everyone was so into it and enjoying the company of their hatsisters.

It was wonderful seeing my hatsisters!!! Always makes me smile inside and out!!  

From one end to the other...

...we look (and feel) simply mahvelous

We toast our birthday girl, Corinne,

who had chosen to spend her special day with her hat family



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