Pack The Purse was created 3 years ago, when a young lady who had been a success story of The Florence Crittenton Home saw a need in her community.  That need was to give local residents a supply of toiletries that they could carry around in a gently used purse.  In that way, both their hygiene and sense of dignity could be preserved. 

This Project is housed at Tricounty Family Ministries, located at Cherokee Place United Methodist Church, along with a other services they offer.  Although it is part of their overall giveaway of goods at Christmas time, it continues throughout the year as ladies can bring their purse to get refills.

The Hat Ladies have been part of this Project from the beginning.  When the Lady who started it moved away, we took charge.  The collection of supplies continues throughout the year.  Our contributions have been supplemented by Belmond Charleston and The Marriott on Lockwood, Book Clubs and DAR Chapters and members in the community who hear about it via the radio and television.

Here we are Packing the Purses, followed by photos from the day we Distributed The Purses

Pat explains the lay of the land.  What followed was like symphony with each section in perfect harmony with the rest.

Cheryl and Kathy hit the right note from the start.  In fact, everyone does

Joan and Maggie

Renee and Sheila


Eileen and Susie

Kanysile and Gail (Daughter and Mom)



Pat, Mimi, and Mika

Linda and Susie

Birthday Susan

Pat, Pat, and Renee

Carolyn and Joan


Mimi and Pat (did they pack up Mika???)

Renee and Harriet have more sorting to do

Sheila and Kathy

Pat, who is anything BUT a "Reject!"

Gail and Harriet

Gail and Harriet

Top Row:  Sheila, Eileen, Cheryl, Carolyn, Maggie, Renee, Harriet, Susan, Pat, Kathy, Linda, Pat

Bottom Row:  Joan, Susie, Pat, Archie, Mimi

Lunch following for those still available:

Left side:  Pat, Susie, Archie, Pat,

Right side:  Carolyn, Linda, Susan, Joan


It "took a village" to pack the purses; just a handful to distribute 100's of them!

Morning Shift: Mimi and David get there extra early

Mimi, Kathy, Pat, Regina, Eileen, Harriet

Mimi, Kathy, Pat, Regina, Eileen, Harriet

Afternoon Shift: Betsy, Deana, Gail; not pictured: Jackie

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