as part of TRICOUNTY FAMILY MINISTRIES' Holiday Program

Pack The Purse was created 5 years ago, when a young lady who had been a success story of The Florence Crittenton Home saw a need in her community.  That need was to give local residents a supply of toiletries they could carry around in a gently used purse.  In that way, both their hygiene and sense of dignity could be preserved. 

This Project is housed at Tricounty Family Ministries, located at Cherokee Place United Methodist Church, along with a other services they offer.  Although it is part of their overall giveaway of goods at Christmas time, it continues throughout the year as ladies can bring their purse to get refills.

The Hat Ladies have been part of this Project from the beginning.  When the Lady who started it moved away, we took charge.  The collection of supplies begins early summer and continues up until the first weekend in December.  Organizations that supplement those of The Hat Ladies are listed at the end of the photos.

This Project has expanded to the point that it takes place over 3 days:  One day to SORT, the next day to PACK...followed by the 3rd day: to DISTRIBUTE It involves a massive effort on our part...worth every minute


THANK YOU from the CEO, Sue Hanshaw:

On behalf of the clients, staff, and Board of Directors at Tricounty Family Ministries, I want to thank The Hat Ladies for supporting our ministry by organizing and being the ambassadors for the "Pass the Purse Project.  The Hat Ladies have made this a time honored tradition and we are most appreciative....We look forward to working with them in the future as we continue to help meet the needs of even more people in our community.  Thank you again for your generosity.... Love you Ladies!


Like virtually everything else in 2020, the successful format of this Program went "out the window."  However, not only did the needs it addressed NOT "go out the window," they increased.  Thus Hat Ladies continue to donate (drop off), sample size toiletries and gently used purses and will CONTINUE to do so throughout the coming year, even if they cannot personally distribute them.

Ida and Archie

Kara Stewart, Executive Director, Ida, Archie

Day 1: SORTING, under the Direction of Pat, Organizer Extraordinaire

Pat's husband, Warren, helps with the set up

Pat fights a bag; it doesn't stand a chance...



Paige and Corinne

Carolyn and Eileen





Linda learns not to mess with the Organizer in Chief

Pat in her Clemson colors and Annette



Linda and Monica hard at work...

...any way you look at 'em

The best of friends are made...

...thanks to The Hat Ladies

Liz is hatpy to have a little time to spare and share and show she cares




Even teeny tiny supplies help

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