The next day, The PACKERS arrived, ready to do their job.  The room awaited them, with tables neatly stacked and organized. In a span of slightly less than 2 hours, 594 purses were filled.  We had 55 boxes plus 3 large bags of 40 each mini purses to give out. Approximately 65 for consignment. If Packing the Purse were an Olympic Event, we would have taken the GOLD....AGAIN!!!!!!!!

Paige and husband Bill

Maggie, Gail, and Bill

Eileen and Ethaine

Kathys have to stick together...


Gail, Kathy, Heather, Ethaine, Anne

Mimi and Kathy


Heather and Maggie

Heather and Kathy

The packing's over...then Teri (left) arrives, while Carolyn (right) is exhausted from two days of packing and sorting

Then Annette and Sylvia arrive to help, only to find we finished in record time

But Pat still finds something for them to do...

Annette, Sylvia, and Teri

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