From Machu Picchu to The Amazon, with stops along the way

My Yiddisha Grandmother used to say, "Gay ga zunta hate, (and come) in gut gezunt," which means "Go in good health, and come in good health." 

John and I are hatpy to say her words held true for our recent "Journey to a Lost World: Peru," framed by one of the new seven wonders of the world, Machu Picchu, and a trip down the longest (or second longest) river in the world, The Amazon(a). We are grateful so many wished us the very same thing and warmly welcomed us home. Thus it is our pleasure to share this once in a lifetime experience through our pictures.

We left the Lowcountry, whose altitude actually measures below sea level, for the second highest altitude in the world (next to Tibet).  Ten years ago, we navigated that one. If comparable trips are on your Bucket List, "Do them now!  Don't wait until you're older!"

That said, we left Charleston on July 2, 2018, armed with yellow fever shots, malaria, chlorophyll, vitamin B12, pepto bismol, and anti diarrhea pills; hats with mosquito netting, clothes specially sprayed with mosquito repellent, and a magic "watch" to combat vertigo. 

Most of all, we brought along the right attitude (known by Hat Ladies as "hatitude") to handle the altitude and cherish the experience, as well as the best traveling companions, Joan and Jeff Poet.

 Buckle up your seat belt.  You're about to take multiple plane, train, boat, and van rides.


Somehow we wound up in 1st class seats...

...for our 8 hour flight...for Economy + prices!

Pinch me!

I simply can't believe our good fortune to travel this way for the 8 hour flight to Lima.




The name "Belmond" is the same as our Belmond Charleston Place.  So you can imagine the quality of hotels in which we stayed in Peru....

Our first of many "pisco sours," the popular drink of the country; Hotel bar.

Views from Hotel window. Ocean is in the background.  But it is rarely visible; Lima's climate resembles Seattle's....

Breakfast the next morning.  Joan and Jeff don't arrive until late that evening.

John swam in the outdoor pool; we both used the Exercise Room, then had massages (which were included)!

Time to chill out in our spacious room and watch World Cup Soccer...which John loves

We dine that evening in the elegance of the Hotel's Restaurant Tragaluz

Joan and Jeff haven't yet arrived.




We meet our guide (and Joan and Jeff) in the Lobby for our Lima City Tour:  The Plaza Mayor, which is a World Heritage site; the Cathedral, with opulent carved stalls and silver altars, the Government Palace, City Hall, and Archbishop's Palace.

The amount of gold throughout the Church(es) is astonishing.

This photo shows a gravesite that was discovered in the catacombs underneath the Cathedral floor.

We can never resist men in hats...

...or a short walk through historic towns

Entrance to the Larco Museum...

...formerly an 18th c. mansion

A small sampling of its gold and silver treasures from Ancient Peru


We dine at the Cafe del Museo Restaurant;  More pisco sours...


The next day we're on our own and head to Barranca, an artsy area near our Hotel. Great Lunch at Isolina's

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