From Memorial Weekend through the second week in June, Charleston enjoys an International Festival of art, music, theater, and dance patterned after one that began in Spoleto, Italy.   At the same time, a second Festival, called Piccolo Spoleto ("Little Spoleto") is held, showcasing art, music, theater, and dance of the Southeastern United States.  Thanks to lingering COVID concerns, both Festivals were seriously curtailed...but no less enjoyed.

When The Hat Ladies heard there would be a "Classic Promenade" with Opera and Orchestral performances at Historic Hampton Park, we knew we should be there.  Similarly, when the following day and venue held the traditional Memorial Day Concert, we returned in our patriotic red, white, and blue and held a traditional backyard barbeque afterwards.

"Classic Promenade"

Memorial Day Concert and Backyard Barbeque

Hats Around Town