The 9 Victims of The Mother Emanuel Massacre

Archie and John are asked to arrive early

The first hatsisters arrive



                                                                                                                We're all here!

                                           Jackie, Suzanne, Susie, Ofelia, Archie, Mimi, Jean, Carolyn, Maureen, Liz

Mayor Tecklenburg is there to greet and congratulate us

The Creator of this Award and this Evening: The Incomparable Deborah Anderson

First they shower each Finalist with a basketful of gifts

Councilman James Lewis announces the winner of the Sharonda Middleton Award

Jackie, who nominated me, is the first one I see when I exit the Stage

They even gave us each a  beautifully framed "poem" using our first name to describe us.

It reads:  The Spotlight Award Honors Mrs. Archie Burkel, November 17, 2018

A - Attractive

R - Reliable

C- Caring

H - Hats off to yuou

I - Intelligent

E - Entertaining

Thank you for making a positive difference

Fair Deal Gro. "The Spot 47"

My cheerleaders are there to celebrate with me.


                                               Mimi, Maureen, Archie, Susie, Jackie, Carolyn, Jean, Ofelia

                                                                               Top Hat, Archie