St. Patricks Day Parade  Pre COVID (2019)???

It is hard to remember the exact year of the last Parade before COVID sidelined everyone and everything.  These photos preserve "the way it was..."

 Charlestonians, in particular, know how to deal with upheavals.  But this was a Day we thought would never end as we knew it.  But as you already saw, we made Irish whiskey out of lemonade and still managed to have a wonderful time.  After all, there are simply great moments in time when you have so much fun your face hurts from smiling . 

Our participation in this Event is one of them. 

We could not be more grateful to The Knights of Columbus for their invitation.  We could not be more appreciative of The King Street Public House who allowed us to grace their float, and The Shem Creek Band which serenaded us and the crowd as we wound our way down the Parade route.

 It is always a great day for the Irish and for The Hat Ladies. We hope these photos bring smiling eyes to you, too.

We gather outside the Visitors Center

Wives and husbands


Daughter and Mother (visiting from Indonesia)

Granddaughter and Grandmother

Daughter and Mother

All 3 generations

...that form our hatsisterhood

And now all the friendships...


The photographer of The Hat Ladies


Our troops keep coming...



All aboard what will be the best looking, most enthusiastic float of them all

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