St. Patricks Day Parade

It is always such an honor to be asked to participate by our friends in The Rotary Club, especially Al Stiles, husband of Heavenly Hat Lady Janie, and to be invited to ride the float sponsored by The King Street Public House, 549 King Street.

We received the nicest email from the owner, Jimmy, when he saw the pictures you are about to see: 

"Thank you, everyone looks fabulous!  I appreciate you sending me the pictures!  Enjoy your weekend ladies."

There are simply great moments in time when one has so much fun it's almost unbelievable.  Our participation in this Event is one of them.  It was a great day for the Irish and for The Hat Ladies.

Join us now:

First a stop at The Visitors pee and to see John, selling tickets to Historic Charleston Foundation Tour of Homes & Gardens

Outside our "chariot" awaits us, sponsored by King Street Public House

Everyone in town's in the spirit


Our troops start to gather

The whole family's coming!

John joins us

In position to have FUN

and represent The King Street Public House

The Band was fantastic

Let the Parade begin!


Here come The Hat Ladies!

And the crowd would shout their approval!

By the time the Parade finished, we're hungry!  So we start hoofing it to the Restaurant.

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