Lisbon is a FABULOUS place to visit and about as safe a destination as one could find.  It has mild weather, Ocean views, historic districts, and people who love living there (and exhibit a respectable command of English).  If it  sounds a lot like Charleston...it IS.

Monasterio de Jeronimos; a must see landmark



Torre de Belem, from which Portuguese caravels set sail in search of new worlds in the 14th-16th centuries

Jeff and Archie feel adventurous

and climb to the top

While Joan and John amuse themselves with her new Selfie Stick

One of the many popular "Arab-flavored" Districts around Lisbon

A famous elevator takes you to Districts located at the top

Or you can take a tram  or even walk...though going down is easier

The views are worth the walk (or the tariff)



Can't help but say (again):

We can't get enough of these labyrinthine streets

On your mark, get set...

...there's a famous hat shop around here somewhere...

Too many to remember their name...

...but never too many to admire

Castelo de Sao Jorge, built by Moors in the mid 11th c; last defensive stronghold of the royalty; walk about "sky blue!"




Everything is festive...

...every place has tile that is a work of art

Joan indulges at the most famous bakery in town

It takes two hand

to hold our Burger King fix!

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