Time to navigate on our own using my years of Spanish studied years ago, public transportation, Hop On and Off buses, and Skip The Line Tours from Viatours. 

Caution:  Some Tours were given half in Spanish/half in English; be sure and check, should you consider taking them!

MADRID: Bull fight arena; none was held when we were there

El Prado Museum


The churches and streets of Madrid

Statues on top of the buildings!



Restaurant Biotin, founded in 1725,  earliest restaurant in the world according to Guinness

There's one in Salzburg that would disagree. We've now eaten at both!

On the AV Speed Train to SEGOVIA

The 12th c. Alcazar fortress looms in the distance; eventually home to Kings and their Queens

Love, love, LOVED it; now my favorite time period, next to Antebellum, of course

A man's home will always be....


...and he'll always be my knight in shining armor

Time to redecorate our ceilings!


Catch the hat on his head...

and hers....


Former Kings...

...looking down on the peasants below...

Plazuela de San Martin, lined with shops, cafes, and restaurants

As you will see in subsequent photos, we LOVE the small towns

with their interesting architecture and narrow winding streets

At one time, a Synagogue, now a convent

Ancient Roman Aqueduct, built in late 1st c. AD with 20,400 granite blocks without any cement

167 arches have held together in perfect form; one of the most intact in all of Europe


Next stop:  BARCELONA

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