A Testimonial Sampler

From The Community

"What an amazing woman you are!

Judy Watts, Executive Editor

Summerville Communications, Inc.

The Summer Journal Scene


"I'm sure you could start a Hat Nation if you put your mind to it."

Nikki Hardin, Publisher, Skirt! Magazine


"Thank you for always being a source of support, beauty, and STYLE!  You are a big part of this evolution of Fashion in Charleston."  Ayoka Lucas, Style Director, Charleston Magazine, Charleston Weddings,
Charleston Home



From The Hat Ladies

"Speaking for everyone, we're always proud to say we are A Hat Lady.  We have a terrific Top Hat who inspires us to do good things and have fun while doing them.  Thanks:

For your boundless energy

For your eagerness

For your compassion

For your leadership

For your TIME

For your sharing

For your strength

For your laughter when we could cry

For getting ladies to "get out" of their four walls

For marrying a supportive man

For the enthusiasm you pass on to other ladies

"Thanks for everything you do for all of us and the WORLD!!!"

"I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the Hat Ladies, it's been a monumental lifesaver for me during this first year of relocation/transition from N.Y. to Charleston. I know this is beyond a full time "job" for you and John too, so in case you haven't heard it lately...Thank you!!!!!!!!!"

"Thank You for creating this wonderful "HAT LADIES TEAM", how lucky we all are. "

"You are a great leader and I am proud to know you."

"I am so hatpy that I am included in such a wonderful group of women. There are so many talented, lovely, sincere, dedicated women in the Hat Ladies, but, I sincerely think that they take their cue from you!!!!!


"Archie, you have a wonderful talent for making things extra special and beautiful."


"Thank you, Archie, for making these fun times possible with your tireless, thoughtful, and beautiful Top Hat."


"Thank you for all you do to make life beautiful and fun and meaningful for so many."


"You are helping to keep things civilized."


“You’re the best for what you contribute to the world.”


“Archie, you’re a conduit for synergy.”


“Thank you for all you do to make another’s day a little brighter.”


“I appreciate all of your efforts and the work you put into making The Hat Ladies as special as we are.”


“You are a wonderful woman who has made a difference in my life and the lives of so many others.”


“Thank you for all the time you spend doing good things for lots of people.”


You are the 8th wonder of the world.


Thanks for keeping us all so hatpy.


Never forget how much joy you bring to other people.



From Speaking Engagements


"Along with such beautiful hats the message of your talk was very moving."  (Coosaw Creek Women's Club)


“All our sisters at Chapter 2 looked forward to your visit.  You exceeded all expectations.”  P.E.O. Chapter 2


“Thanks to you for being such a special part of our success.  Your energy and passion is a constant inspiration. A million thanks are not enough.”  Kristin Hetterman, Special Projects Coordinator.


On behalf of the 2006 Women’s Build Committee--Thank you for your wonderful presentation during our Tea Party. You were a burst of sunshine on a difficult weather day.” Kimberly M. Farfone, Sea Island Habitat for Humanity.


“Thanks from HaborView Presbyterian Church for making our day and for all you do for women.  You are a Charleston gem.”  Sannie and H.V.P.C.


“Thank you so much for your very well-received presentation at the Carolina Dental Forum dinner.  Your address at our Kick-Off Dinner set the tone for a great year ahead.  We appreciate your enthusiastic style and the thought provoking comments ‘pulled out of a hat!’  We heard many positive comments about you and your presentation.”  D.D.S. Ken Barrack and Mayur Patel


Additional Testimonials provided, upon request


  Archie, Top Hat