The Hat Ladies Easter Promenade


Obviously COVID-19 stopped us in our tracks from our traditional Easter Promenade.  But as this article, submitted to The Post and Courier shows, The Hat Ladies don't know the meaning of "can't."  Where there's a hat, there's a way:!

We pulled an Easter Parade out of our Hats  

Neither rain nor sleet nor hail nor COVID-19 stopped The Hat Ladies of Charleston from holding their 19th annual  Easter Promenade.  It wasn’t in April; it was on Tuesday, July 28th.

The Ladies and Gents did NOT stroll their usual route down Broad Street wishing the crowds a “HaTpy Easter!”


Instead they watched a private showing of The Easter Parade from their socially distanced seats at The Terrace Theater. When Fred Astaire, Judy Garland, Peter Lawford, and Ann Miller began their stroll down 5th Avenue, they rose from their seats.  Dressed in their finest hats and masks, they kept their distance, sashayed down the aisles, smiled at each other, waved at the movie screen, and exchanged Holiday greetings to one and all.

As former Fashion Editor Judy Watts once wrote, “The Hat Ladies are a stylish brigade of volunteers who are making a difference.”  They still deserve that accolade as they continue to serve however, whenever, and wherever possible.  In so doing, they set an example for everyone:  No matter how bad things seem, never hang up your hat.


Left to Right:

Jackie Lear, John Burkel, Deana and Bobby Dockery, Top Hat Archie Burkel, Elinor O'Donnell

Easter Promenade 2019