It was quite the feather in our cap to be invited as the audience for one of the episodes when the popular Food Show, "Top Chef" came to Charleston to film.

The amount of time (and lack of mention) on the Show might have disappointed.  But those who came to the house of the Top Hat to view the premier more than compensated:


At least the article about The Show in The Post and Courier gave us more publicity and a great picture of a Hat Lady table, now posted on this web site under "Hat Ladies in the News."

Moreover, we learned later that the ratings for the Charleston series had the largest audience.

The stars on OUR Runway....


Regina walks in thinking she is wearing an original....

At least their hats are different: Archie's is The Top Pastry Chef hat

Mingling before the shrimp is served (paralleling the cuisine of The Show)


Top Chef John is ready to serve...

...that which he spent hours preparing

Mingling before the start of The Show

Show Time

The photo from The Post and Courier

 Hats Around Town