The advertisement said, "Adults this one's for you!...Head to the South Carolina Aquarium for After Hours, an affair complete with a bar, parade of food trucks, and hourly animal encounters.  The exhibits are open, including the newly debuted Zucker Family Sea Turtle Recovery, and additional themed programs add to the fun as you explore the Aquarium as the sun sets."

That's just what we did!

On our way in...

...arriving early to beat the crowds

Fun being shark bait with our friends





Teri begins sharing her experiences as part of the volunteer teams that walk on the beaches early in the morning locating turtle nests.  See below for a fuller description of her work.

Onto a presentation at the Turtle Hospital given by a young lady who knew she wanted to work with turtles since she was 8 years old...

It's always beautiful to see when dreams really do come true!


       * Teri locates turtle nests, moves them if necessary, cordons them off, monitors hatching, and conducts inventories once the nests have hatched.  The first year she volunteered, she worked on the Cape Islands where they have 1400-1800 nests a year.  It's the largest nesting area north of Florida.  She would meet the group at 5:30 at Garris Landing (near Sewee).  They would ready the boats, drive to McClellanville, and boat out to the islands.  She'd see the sun rise and work all day.  She was involved with one rescue that summer.  The turtle - named McCllelan once she got to the hospital - was caught on a crab pot line.  Those islands are uninhabited. It's a different experience than here at Folly where she's spent the last 6 seasons.

Aquarium pg. 2