While there is an overall need to discuss and improve race relations in our country, Charleston has found itself in the forefront due to the unspeakable tragedy when a white supremacist killed nine black parishoners in the historic Mother Emanuel A.M.E. Church in downtown Charleston on June 17, 2015.

This Forum brought together experts to examine racial issues in the context of economics and educastion, policing and criminal justice, future of the past, and the Charleston experience.

The Hat Ladies, with our active involvement and recognition in the community, were honored to be extended a personal invitation to attend.

Rosie, Holly, Nitsa, Nancy, Pat

Suzanne, Frank

Maureen, Corinne, Archie, Jackie, Nancy, Nitsa, Rosie, Holly, Pat

Marlene, Linda

Patte, Archie

Not Pictured:  Jakae, Val, Doris

Hats Around Town