Growing up, I had a "good enough" complexion:  It wasn't too bad; it wasn't too good; it was "alright."  However, I did everything I possibly could to "ruin" it.  I became an avid sunbather, running to catch the rays every time it shone in the unpredictable skies of Chicago.   Of course, sun screen was basically unheard of, and warnings about wrinkles were only just beginning.  Even the concerns about skin cancer were not enough to discourage me. Sometimes I stayed in the sun so long I would wind up with 2nd degree burns and require a visit to the dermatologist.  Most of the freckles on my body are the result of relentless exposure.

It would take a move to Atlanta when I was 48 years old to cure me of this "addiction."  I realized this kinder environment could allow me to bask in the sun @10 months out of the year, under skies that stayed blue from sunrise to sunset.  Moreover, by then the warnings of wrinkles and skin cancer were too strong to ignore.

I am now 72 years old and consistently receive compliments on the quality of my skin.  My complexion is better than it EVER was.

I have reached this point through a mixture of tricks and research.  I am beholden to no make up line, and I have never had any plastic surgery.  In fact, the key components to my skin care are well under $50.00 and last for months.

Since everything I have ever done in my life falls under the "helping others" umbrella, I am haTpy to share these tips and tricks with others in small groups of 5-7 Ladies from the Charleston area:

REVIEWS from "satisfied customers:" 

I was SO lucky to have been in Charleston when you had your make up session!!!  I am determined to stay active as pain free & vibrant as I can for as long as I can. I feel that this information will be a large contributing factor to accomplish that end. Your advice on moisturizers/cleansers was presented in an informed/common sense way. Excellent props. Truly a well thought out & organized presentation.  All in all, I am SO glad I was able to be there. It was the nudge I needed to make some changes.  

Thank you so much for such a fun makeup instruction! I learned a number of new things while enjoying the camaraderie.

It was a very enjoyable workshop and fellowship.

Thank you. It was very informative. 

The Makeup Session was very thorough. The fellowship among the ladies was a Get to Know You before the session. Since I am a lifelong learner, the information was beneficial. If you see and hear something, you will remember it better. You had our undivided attention throughout the session. The size of the group made it more intimate. The quantity of the participation made it outstanding. I enjoyed it very much. Continue doing what You do best! Keep a smile and us going

CONTACT ME at or 843-762-6679 if interested

  Archie, Top Hat