At 91 years old, this 25 year Cancer survivor, pint size dynamo, is still going strong.  Every year she appears before her Church (The Cavalry Episcopal) during Breast Cancer Awareness Month to encourage the congregants to be checked annually.  It is always an honor to be present and show how admiration for her work and appreciation for her remaining a Hat Lady.

Jennie & Kathy/Ginsey, Susan, & Archie

Jennie, Gingsey, Susan, Archie

Jennie and the Minister at the Reception   afterwardsster at the                   

Jennie speaks eloquently from the pulpit

LLeft: Susan, Archie, Kathy

Right: Ginsey, Jennie

Jennie and Ginsey

One hatsister commented: That event was amazing in that we got to help honor a Hatsister!  I got to get into a church!  I discovered a Catholic Cemetery hidden in the city!  Got to meet so many wonderful friends of Jennie, and we were treated to their nice reception repast!

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