Personal Tour for The Hat Ladies

Noted art critics and reviewers consider Jonathan Green one of the most important painters of the Southern experience.  His work, which has been exhibited in major venues nationally internationally as well as locally, reflects an intrinsic sense of history and place.  Its iconic Lowcountry scenes reflect colorful African American traditions as well as tales and stories told by members of his extended family and friends; they communicate a strong sense of conceptual accuracy.

Along with all of Charleston, The Hat Ladies consider him a South Carolina treasure, one who is not merely extremely talented but an approachable and personable human being. The Hat Ladies formed a bond of years ago, thanks to our love of hats and Jonathan's love of painting ladies in hats. Nonetheless, we were deeply honored to have him invite us to a private Tour of his private collection being featured at The Gibbes Museum.  Samples of his own work are always on display.

"Building a Legacy:  The Vibrant Vision Collection of Jonathan Green and Richard Weedman"

Archie arrives first

Jakki, Corinne, Jayne on the way...

His passion is seen and heard as he describes the story behind each work of art

Let the Tour Begin:

Jonathan will enthrall and us with his personal history and understanding of art history for the next hour and a half.  We were enlightened and entertained in one unforgettable afternoon.

...with their head as a pedestal for their beautifully designed and crafted hats  

Jayne and Corinne become works of art...

Cathy, Jayne, Jonathan, Rosie, Susan

Maureen, Norma, Jonathan, Kimberly, Betsy

Soroya, Gretchen, Jonathan, Archie, Patte

Corinne, Jonathan, Jakki, Terri

Jonathan, Jakki

Archie, Jonathan, Deana

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