Summer Tradition:

Lunch at Jasmine Porch

Like the song, "It's Only 45 Minutes from Broadway," Jasmine Porch on Kiawah Island is only @45 minutes from downtown Charleston.  But the ride down its winding historic tree lined streets provide the best mini staycation in town.  Thus it is a Luncheon beloved by all.

Oh yes, last Saturday was lovely!  Always one of my favorite luncheons - great food, service and atmosphere. So glad the thunder storms held off until we left this time around. 

 Glad "were back in the saddle.

 It was wonderful the food was great :the server was efficient and personable to dine at Jasmine's is always a treat. 

We had such a great server I could not leave without leaving a good report for the restaurant food and service. Thank you again for all the work and effort and great planning you put into our great outings.

I had a wonderful time, everything was lovely as always. I can not wait to go back there. Spending time with my Hat sisters is always such a delight. I can not wait until we get together again.

I love the Hat Ladies Luncheon at Kiawah! Its a beautiful venue and the spacious  seating allows us to admire all the ladies and their beautiful hats!

I thoroughly enjoyed yesterday, it really never disappoints. Jasmine Porch is one of my favorites. The food was good, our wait staff was excellent. I felt like they (Josh) paid close attention to

      our needs and was very responsive to any request. pretty quick. Absolutely no complaints. Such a great group of Ladies to hang with. 

 Thanks for another outstanding event.

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