Susie, Monica, Susan, Gretchen


The 3rd crew is waits at Patriot's Way

Monica, Susie, Archie, Pat S, Mimi, Susan, Gretchen, Pat HM, & Kathy .

Monica, Pt. HM, Gretchen, Susie, Susan


The  4th crew consists of folk from The Motley Rice Law Firm




They even go out of their way to bring the water to The Firemen

The Yorktown is finally in sight


And befriend a local DJ covering the Event up on the Flight Deck

Mimi and Pat get there first

Kathy befriends a former veteran.  Since she is a veteran (Marine), too, he gives her a special bracelet

Having fun on a vintage airplane

As we walk down from The Flight Deck, we pass photos of all The Firemen who lost their lies on  911


Hitching a ride back to the Parking Lot

Kathy, Pat, Mimi,  Carolyn

What's a "hat-pin-ing"   without a treat.  This time it's at Skoogies for a Chicago Hot Dog and Archie's Father's pickles.

Archie, Pat, Susie, Regina