Of all the volunteerism in which The Hat Ladies are involved, none gives both The Ladies and the recipients more pleasure than our monthly visits to different Assisted Living facilities.  We bring extra hats for the residents to wear and engage them in song and dance.  We do not entertain "at" them; we entertain "with" them.  Our hour long Program ends with a "Promenade to the tune of "In Your Easter Bonnet."

One Activities Director wrote:  "It never ceases to amaze me what fun the residents have.  Hats get them talking, participating and laughing, and brings out happy memories.  It is so great what you all do for this community.  You are the greatest in our book.  We look forward to your next visit.

We have been making these visits for the past 15 years.  Due to respect for residents privacy, the photos are typically just of The Hat Ladies.

The Hat Ladies Visit to Ashley River Plantation

Archie passes the mic to one of the residents

Archie leads the Chicken Dance in the appropriate chapeaux

Bottom Row:  Gail and Jacqueline

Top Row: Archie, Eileen, Rosie

The Hat Ladies Visit to St. John's Rehab and Healthcare Center

Archie, Jackie, Ida

The Hat Ladies 1st visit to Ashley Retirement Community Home

Ida, Jakae, Rosie, Eileen, Eithane, Archie

The Hat Ladies Visit The Canterbury House

Our annual St. Patricks' Day visit


Val, Eileen, Jackie, Jacquelyn

The Hat Ladies Annual Valentine's Day Visit to Bishop Gadsden Retirement Community

We LOVE hats, and we LOVE visiting Bishop Gadsden, and they LOVE us, too.

Bottom Row: Archie, Jackie, Rosie, Jayne

Top Row: Queen Elizabeth, Kathleen, Linda, Eileen, Carolyn, Val, Jacqueline

Click HERE for more photos of the day.

The Hat Ladies Day of Caring Visit to The Charleston Senior Center

Doris, Jennie, Jackie, Mary, Corinne, Linda, Eileen, Joan

Rosie, Archie, Monica

The Hat Ladies Visit Martin Luther Respite Program

Our annual spirited Halloween visit

Archie, Rosie, Jackie, Rosalind, Cindy


The Hat Ladies Patriotic Visit to Respite Care Charleston


But WE were the grandest of them all!

Deanna, Archie, Rosie, Corinne, Eileen


The Hat Ladies Holiday Visit to Sandpiper Rehabilitation & Nursing Center

Hi! I thought the Mrs.Claus wig was a surprise . ....THEN there was an impromptu snow ball fight !!  HaHa !  I was wondering what those styrofoam balls were for. Thx for the wonderful time had by all. XXOO An Elf

Pass out the red hats for Christmas

See how pretty you look


Introduce ourselves

Jackie, Deana, Rosie, Nitsa

Top Row:  Rosalind, Jackie, Nitsa, Eileen, Corinne, Doris

Bottom Row: Archie, Ruth, Rosie