Fall 2014

Mighty Mouse Nancy climbs to her usual heights

While Pat S. finally sees the light...

Ruth works the inside...

...while Pat H/M covers the out....

Nancy finds just the right angle


As does Mimi (their husbands should only see them now....)

Carolyn has the bathroom challenge of her life

Pat S. protects her territory WITH her life...

The dynamic window duo keep (h)at it...

Pat H/M has GOT IT!

While Mimi, Cheryl, and Pat S. are 3 Hard Hatted Ladies in a tub

Carolyn finally finishes her bathroom challenge and helps Fancy Nancy in the Great Room

Ruth checks out the utility room

While Archie makes a clean sweep of the kitchen

Cheryl lets no dust settle in the bedroom

While the vindow vipers claim victory

Carolyn needs sunglasses to handle her sparkling clean bathroom

Mimi dares anyone to come into HER spotless territory

Carolyn, Mimi, Pat S., and Cheryl are heading out the door

Mimi lets the homeowner look inside at her SPOTLESS, move-in-condition home


Bottom:  Carolyn, Cheryl.

Top: Archie, Pat H/M, Nancy, Mimi, Pat S., Ruth

The Hard Hatted Ladies plus the Habitat crew plus the new home owner



The Keystone Cops, aka The Hard Hatted Hat Ladies, FINALLY arrive at La Hacinda

Carolyn can't believe where we're headed


Pat S, in front, desperately checks her GPS; Mimi in back points out the window to the LEFT

Pat H/M desperately points in the OPPOSITE direction

Miraculously we reach our destination...

...and our well deserved margaritas

Archie, Mimi, Pat S., Cheryl, Pat H/M, Carolyn