There are two people without whom this Luncheon could never have taken place.  There are no words of "THANKS" that are adequate:

Don Rongione of The Bollman Hat Company, www.bollman  For the past five years, Don has donated the stunning Plaza Suite hats The Hat Ladies have gifted to The United Nations Ladies.  The joy pulled out of these hats validated their motto:  There's just something special about a woman in a (Bollman) hat!

Simona Miculescu, Ambassador of Romania, and her charming, competent, amazing Staff (reflective of her), who hosted it four out of five times.


Special thanks to Isabelle Picco, Ambassador of Monaco, who hosted HOWL #4 and provided tours of The United Nations following this year's Luncheon


Of course, one cannot have a Luncheon without People:

Thanks to The Hat Ladies and their husbands who tossed their hats year after year into this adventure:

Anna and Matthew, Barbara, Betsy, Candace, Cathie, Cheryl and Alan, Jeanie, Jennie, Joan, Kathy and Rob, Kathye, Kimberly, Linda, Mimi, Nancy, Nina, Nitsa, Pat, Priscilla and Ken, Renee and Sewell, Susie, Teri, Vernelle.

Thanks to the Ambassadors and High Officials of The United Nations who took precious time out from their day:

Ambassadors from Romania, Monaco, Czech Republic, Luxembourg, Belgium, Panama, Jordan, Republic of Korea, Serbia, Kenya, Palestine, Turkmenistan, Argentina,  Australia, Viet Nam, U.S. Mission, Moldova, Honduras, Bhutan

Officials: High Representative for Disarmament Affairs; Chief of the Cabinet; Director of Division for Social Policy and Development; Director of Regional Bureau for Europe and The Commonwealth of Independent States; Special Representative of the Secretary General on Sexual Violence in Conflict


And there can't be a Luncheon without Photos:

Thanks to Sewell, hat husband of Renee, who took photos at the beginning of the Luncheon

Thanks to Matthew, hat husband of Anna, who took the remainder; MG Photography, LLC


Finally there can't be a Luncheon without Sponsors:

Kathy Anderson:

Natalya Bythewood:

Ellen Christine:

Judith M Millinery Supply House:

Evetta Petty: