Hats are known as a fashion statement.  For five years, they made a diplomatic statement as The Hat Ladies of Charleston traveled to New York and hosted the female ambassadors and high officials to The United Nations.  Hats were provided by The Bollman Hat Company.

Ladies of all ages, who love hats of all colors, came together from all corners of the world under one symbolic hat, at The Hats of The World Luncheon.   

January 22, 2015 was our 5th and final Luncheon.  It ended for a few reasons:  One goal was to end it on its best day, lest it ever become "old hat."  We succeeded beyond our wildest dreams. 

There were also practical concerns behind ending this Luncheon that could not ignored:  Going to New York was a costly endeavor for The Hat Ladies,  While some managed to go multiple times, eventually it could become a financial hardship.  Moreover, going to New York in January, the optimal time to schedule this Luncheon, was risky weather-wise.  We somehow dodged horrible weather bullets all five years. 

They included the year of the arctic air vortex and the year of massive flight cancellations across the country. Our luck was bound to run out.  If we had gone in 2016, we would have been stuck in the airport for days from the super storm that hit the East Coast.

We shall always treasure the memories of these Luncheons, while we pinch ourselves that they really did haTpen.  We remain in touch with Ambassador Isabelle Picco of Monaco and Ambassador Simona Miculescu of Romania.  They are true hatsisters.

As these photos will attest, the joy of hats, the miracle of friendships between The Hat Ladies and The United Nations Ladies, the recognition that Charleston, SC was a top travel destination echoed throughout the Romanian Mission and throughout the afternoon.

Enjoy them as we continue to do

PHOTOS OF THE LUNCHEON by Matthew Glac, MG Photography, LLC 





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