Last step...get it...last step...the Floors:  Susie

And Mimi is brought to her knees..

Cheryl and Teri do the 2 step

Meanwhile, Archie is getting so hungry, she could eat some guacamole...

   First our group photo

Standing: Betsy Susie Homeowner (a Veteran) and Cheryl

Kneeling: Archie, Teri, Mimi, Carolyn


Now to our favorite Mexican Restaurant, where we get to surprise Birthday Susie with a special hat and dessert

None the worse for wear::

Cheryl, Archie, Teri,

Mimi, Betsy, Carolyn, Birthday Susie

Susie takes a bite and graciously shares the rest

And a Hat Lady among The Hard Hat (and big Hearted Hat Ladies

There really is a Hat Man in the middle

Hat Ladies Krewe:  Thank you to our fabulous Hat Ladies Krewe who cleaned our Veterans Build home for Habitat partner, Robert!  They proudly wear their pink construction hats and get our Habitat homes in tip top shape towards the end of each build.  We appreciate their dedication to our partner families and mission.

The above message appeared in The Habitat Newsletter