May 2021

With COVID shots given and restrictions lifted, this house was ready for occupancy, and we were ready to occupy it AND clean it.

Pat and Teri take a photo break


Bathrooms always tackled first:

Teri and Pat

take care of the other..bathroom, that is

Mimi and Cheryl

she is the Kitchen Queen

Fancy Nancy proves, once again,

Kimberly goes right to the top

Nancy goes from top to bottom

Now that's a great photo for

Handy WOMAN!

Kimberly comes to her rescue

Meanwhile, Carolyn finds herself leading the window brigade

then Pat

followed by Teri


then Cheryl

We thank OURSELVES afterwards with our usual Mexican fare

The soon to be home owner stops by to THANK us

Left to right:  Nancy, Teri, Archie, Carolyn, Kimberly, Cheryl, Mimi, Homeowner, Pat