This year's Event takes place on Friday, June 21, 2019 at Marion Square, King Street side; begins at 11:30 and continues as long as supplies last; one hat per person


Hat Day in the Sun is a national Program sponsored by The Headwear Association. Free, wide brimmed hats for men, women, and children are distributed to highlight the health benefits of hat wearing, along with their being a fashion statement.  The Hat Ladies are always honored and delighted to be a part of it.



Hats provided by The Bollman Hat Company, www.bollmanhats.com

Don Rongione, CEO of Bollman hats wrote:
"Well done, Hat Ladies of Charleston.  Thanks for continuing to be wonderful ambassadors for hats!" 


The table with women and childrens' hats is ready for customers...

...as is the one for the men


The decorators are setting up their shop...

...to add any bling requested of our "customers"

MUSC is ready to dispense invaluable info on skin cancer and other skin related diseases

The lines are already forming.  Good thing we are passing out numbers

There is a nice steady stream of customers that forms over the next hour and a half

Fortunately we have found the only shady area in the Square, since the temperature will reach 97'

The stylish "hatisfied" customers start to exit the Square...

...with a hat on their head and a smile on their face

Meanwhile our designers keep busy, upon request, of course


The men and boys love their hats as much as the women and girls...

...and sure know when they're lookin' good!


Pat hands out info provided by The Headwear Association on how to "Practice Safe Sun"

And the lines keep forming


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