This year's Hat Day in the Sun was held Friday, June 21, which is, appropriately, the first day of summer. After all, its primary purpose is to emphasize the practical side of hat wearing, SUN PROTECTION,

Nonetheless, The Hat Ladies are able to do what we do best all year long: 

Make hat wearing fun and fashionable, as well as meaningful.

Hat Day in the Sun is a national Program sponsored by The Headwear Association. Free, stylish, wide brimmed hats for men, women, and children from The Bollman Hat Company are distributed to highlight the health benefits of hat wearing.



The Hat Ladies are always honored and delighted to participate.  They don't disappoint, and we don't, either

One hatsister wrote: "I'm not sure if I told you how much I enjoyed that day. I think it was probably one of the most fulfilling events I've volunteered for with the Hat Ladies! Seeing the smiles on people's faces when we found the right hat was just such a treat! Especially that group of special needs folks. I hope I can do it again next year!


As these photos show, there were 3 stations:  The first was the Waiting Line (where everyone got a  number); the next was the Tables displaying the selections (one with men's hats, the other with women and children's), the third was the Decorating Station (for those who wanted embellishment).

Smiles and fun were to be found EVERYWHERE

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