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We recently heard from Archie Burkel, the founder of a group called The Hat Ladies. There are 200 members, and they all have one thing in common: They wear Hats, love Hats and want everyone else to wear Hats. Burkel and her Hat Happy members live in Charleston, South Carolina and are entering their 10th year as Hat Ladies.

Burkel and the Hat Ladies are hosting female Ambassadors and Officials to the United Nations at The Hats of The World Luncheon at the Romanian Mission in New York on January 20, 2011.  Their international guests are encouraged to wear hats that represent their country. To help with the event they are looking for sponsors in the headwear industry. Sponsors for the luncheon will get the benefit of publicity generated for the event.

Burkel, a motivational speaker, thinks about hats 24/7 and enjoys hat wearing and hat promoting non-stop. "I believe people are born hat wearers, whether male or female, but they don't always have the confidence or occasion to wear them. I created the Hat Ladies to give women confidence and the occasion to wear them."

The group has a monthly luncheon in a nice restaurant in the Charleston area. They started with 18 women (total strangers) with the purpose of gathering together to wear hats. "I cannot walk down the street without people of all ages - male and female - complementing me and sharing their hat stories. I can't drive the down the street without people honking and giving me the thumbs up."

Burkel is convinced that women and men need to know which shape hat looks best on them. And she doesn't think that "Hat Hair" is a big deal. "I know the styles that look best on me and I wear my hat all day long in essence you look better that way. Your hair won't look as good six hours after you leave the house anyway. A hat holds my bangs in place, and I look as good when I come home as when I left my house. A hat never needs to come off."

The Hat Ladies are also involved in philanthropy. They support different organizations and volunteer to help at fund raisers, cultural events and other community events. And, they wear hats wherever they go. "We are a stylish brigade of volunteers making a difference in the world and in self-images," she said.

The Hat Ladies also visit a local children's hospital, bringing hats and material for the children to decorate hats. They also give money to a graduating high school female who exemplifies their ideals a concern for her appearance, an ability to relate to people of all ages and volunteerism.

Their Motto is: "When you look good you feel good and when you feel good you do good."

If you want to know more about this group (or sponsor their upcoming event) contact Archie at -   |   877-428-5433
Volume 5 Newsletter 23
December 15, 2010
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