The Latest News from Archie & The Hat Ladies

We’re always glad to share updates from The Hat Ladies of

Charleston, South Carolina in the USA. Not only do this stylish

group of hat lovers work tirelessly to help those in need in their

community, they also faithfully promote hat wearing everywhere

they go.


The Hat Ladies of Charleston continue to pull amazing things out of

their hats. They neither make nor sell hats; they simply love wearing

them. While they enjoy a monthly Luncheon and Hatpy Hour, the

rest of the time they live their motto: “When you look good, you feel

good. And when you feel good, you do good.” Thus, The Hat Ladies

are known as a stylish brigade of volunteers who are making a

difference through their mix of fashion with compassion.


On November 16th, 2012, under the leadership of Top Hat, Archie

Burkel, they won Charleston’s equivalent of an Oscar when they

were named ‘Community Catalyst’ as part of The Giving Back

Awards of Philanthropy Week. Afterwards, they learned that what

distinguished them from other worthy candidates was the fact that

their hats made giving visible. Of course, they prefer to call it ‘The

Community Hatalyst Award’!

Archie is pictured here on the red carpet holding the Award

The Community Catalyst Award